To uninstall MojiLaLa Unlimited, you can follow these steps

1) Open or start a conversation in iMessage
2) Tap the “App” button to the left of the message field.
3) Tap the button at the bottom left of the screen to view your installed iMessage apps.
4) Hold on the MojiLaLa Unlimited and then tap the cross icon to delete.
a) If you don’t see the MojiLaLa Unlimited icon because of “automatically add iMessage Apps” is not enabled. You have to enable the MojiLaLa Unlimited at first and then you can able to delete it.
b) Please tap the big “Plus” store button to the store sign.
c) Tap the “Manage” app section located top right.
d) Tap the “Automatically Add Apps” On/Off toggle to enable the app OR you can just enable the MojiLaLa Unlimited.
5) After these steps, you will able to see the open and delete MojiLaLa Unlimited. You can delete it by holding on the MojiLaLa Unlimited icon.